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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. killer collapse. attempts fall at hundreds at a sports bar. what tore the tent down. we're following this developing story. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. strong winds tear down a tent killing at least one person and injuries hundreds in a popular bar in st. louis. the very latest from wjz. >> reporter: firefighters transported injured baseball fans at the hospital after fierce winds toppled the party tent at a st. louis sports bar. at least one person is dead and at least five others seriously
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injured. >> the injuries were mainly cuts, bruises, and twisted ankles and maybe a broken arm. >> reporter: witnesses say the storm lasted only a few seconds, powerful winds went through the air and heavy tent poles into patrons. many celebrating the st. louis cardinals win early in the afternoon. >> attended the ball game all afternoon and i don't think they were aware of the seriousness of the situation. >> reporter: dozens of people treated at the scene for minor injuries. wjz eyewitness news. >> as of tonight, it's not clear if the man who died was struck during the storm or maybe had a heart attack during the event. well, a man hunt for a fugitive is finally over in washington state. they located a body that appears to be a survivalist wanted for killing his family.
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police used explosives to open a hole here in the bunker east of seattle. once inside, they found peter kelly dead. keller, excuse me. the man vanished after murdering his wife and teenage daughter. two weeks after the secret service prostitution scandal, the agency is handing down strict new rules among that, they cannot go into hotel rooms and only drink alcohol while off duty. the crackdown comes after nine secret service employees lost their jobs after a fight with a prostitute in partahayna. weijia jiang? >> it makes it easier to get
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with crimes. public safety is at stake. our concern about the court's ruling is that it's going to impede us from being able to put certain bad guys behind bars. >> reporter: the state's highest court police are no longer able to collect dna samples when they arrest suspects in violent crimes. doing that first became legal in 1999 as one of the signature initiatives. 16,000 samples led to 58 criminals found including 38 burglars and eight rapists, but collecting dna without a conviction first is unconstitutional, even though strip searching, blood sampling and fingerprinting are not. >> dna on the other hand, unlike fingerprints, reveal massive amounts of highly personal confidential information about you. >> reporter: the ruling stems
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from a case in which a man was arrested for assault. detectives took his dna and matched him to an unsolved rape case which violates protections against searches without a warrant. the attorney general disagrees and plans to fight the ruling. >> we're in the 21st century. we have the ability to use dna to see who precisely committed a crime in the past. we need that tool. >> reporter: and said the next step is to take the case to the u.s. supreme court for review. we're live tonight, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you, weijia, so much. the court did not address whether the state can retain the samples that they currently have on file. an arrest tonight in the murder of a pregnant prince county woman. nathan rogers murdered his girlfriend, jasmine moss, pregnant with his baby. found dead last night in the trunk of a car here in district
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heights. >> they detected the strong odor in the vehicle and once they got inside the vehicle, they noticed the victim. >> police told rogers she want to keep the baby but he didn't want to. covers thousands of dollars of bogus merchandise but tonight, as gigi barnett reports, the market is opened to a crowd of very happy shoppers. >> you want to save money? this is where you need to be. >> reporter: shoppers at the flee market in southwest baltimore can find anything from clothes, shoes, even jewelry. but earlier this week, fbi and homeland agents found what they were looking for too: counterfeit merchandise. now five men are in custody charged with selling the fake goods like coach and mac
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cosmetics. >> they're criminal organizations and improving their products so much that they're making their way into the primary marketplace and in those instances, consumers can't even tell. >> reporter: according to undercover documents, they take out the counterfeit ring back in 2009. according to signs inside, the market has a policy against selling phony items. some customers say shopping at the flee market is the only way they can get deals. >> it's more people that can't afford to get the real deal. what about us? >> reporter: for tyesha, everything she has isn't original. >> the energy and fire is good. the people are good. got a lot of vendors trying to do their thing. >> reporter: according to the indictment, much of the bogus merchandise came from suppliers in new york. now if convicted could face ten
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years behind bars and a $2 million fine. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and fbi agents found that 70% of many name brand items sold at that flea market were actually fake. a baltimore city police officer who last showed an escape order and then lost his job now loses an appeal. >> -- my department. >> according to the immediate department, the special appeals said brad had the authority to fire riveari caught shouting at a student ordering him to stop skate boarding. an umpire helps take down a streaker in an orioles game. it was posted on youtube after being caught on tape. got near on the field and check this out, he was tackled by umpire jeff kellogg.
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charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. it's the fourth time this year a fan has run out in the middle of a game. there's a new attraction at camden yards. the big deal brought out big names in baseball and lots of loyal fans. >> the first of six. robinson. >> thousands honored hall of famer robinson who spent nine seasons of the orioles back in 1966! when i was traded here to baltimore, i was really crushed. but it didn't take me about a week to get over it and i i was happy to be here and be a part of this organization. this is an organization where this ball club and this organization and i came together and we became recognized over the country. >> blamed on age as one of the
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worst in baseball history. >> he's an old 30. well, i don't think frank was an old 30 because when he got here, he won a triple crowd and an mvp. >> rob shared the moment with some of his former teammates. >> we had fun playing the game. we enjoyed each other. it's the oriole way against the correct way, as they say, of playing the game. [ applause ] >> and this is just the beginning of the ceremonies. the orioles will unveil five more statues later on this season. still to come on wjz eyewitness news tonight, election riots erupting in egypts. we'll tell you what all of these protesters are demanding. talking about me? >> health scare up in the sky. the woman sent the plane into quarantine is now speaking out.
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and washington gone hollywood? who got invites to this funny funny correspondents' dinner. >> reporter: old prescription pills, what to do with them, the dea is taking them in. next. >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. a cool weekend with a warm-up on the way. we'll have that coming up in the first warning forecast. ,,,,,
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it is raining and 48 degrees in central maryland right now. bernadette will have the complete first warning weather forecast in just a moment. thousands take to the streets near downtown cairo in egypt. they're demanding the presidential commission be desolved after the upheld ban on islamic candidates and the prime minister to run. the protesters marched to the defense ministry protected by soldiers. the election is set for the end of may. a child is lucky to be alive after nearly run over by a truck in china. the whole thing caught on tape. check this out. several school students running across the street and the car came right at them. the truck was loaded up with sand and stone but look at the little girl. all she got was a bruise on her
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elbow. the car crashed and the girl ducked and only suffered minor injuries. the woman at a center of a public health scare at a popular airport was quarantined at the midway airport in chicago. thought she had monkey pox on the way back from uganda. they were worried she was contagious. >> i was covered here to my ankles with hundreds of these red spots. >> well, it turned out she had scabies, but there's even more when she went to the hospital. she did have a dangerous blood thinning condition she developed in uganda and may have gone untreated and could have even been deadly. a man who survived a police chase that ended in a fiery crash is now suing the montgomery county police department. seeking more than $10 million
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in damages. richardson was a passenger and three others died in the wreck. richardson alleges that the police cruiser ran into the car. police deny the accusation. what do you do with expired or unneeded prescription drugs? that is the question millions of americans answered today by showing up at more than 5,000 sites across the country. mike schuh visited the most successful location in maryland. >> reporter: cars roll up in belle air. you'd think they were giving something away. hardly. tens of thousands of dollars in prescription medications are being handed over to the feds. >> my grandmother went to the nursing home. >> reporter: funeral home, nursing home, just wanting to get ms out of their home but not down the toilet. >> flushing of prescription drugs down the toilet will hurt
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the water supply. >> michelle knew that. she turned in a full trash bag. >> it was actually my father who passed away a few months and he was on a lot of medications, so the stuff in his house he brought up from virginia. >> reporter: the number one spot in all of maryland. got 500 pounds in just a half hour. they're already at the halfway point. they don't know why this spot is so popular, but these pills will be gone for good, permanently out of circulation, not picked up by curious kids or stolen by thieves. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> they will be organizing again in the fall. it was quite a night of laughs at this year's white house correspondent's dinner. >> i had a lot more planned, but i had to get the secret
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service back for their curfew. >> one of many funny jokes poking at the secret service scandal. the host of the event, a lot of journalists, government officials and celebrities. it's the 98th year for the event. proceeds go to scholarships for aspiring journalists. it's worth youtubeing. funny jokes on there tonight. today marks the ten-year anniversary of the world tornado in maryland history. it's been a decade since the powerful twister struck lapladada. there was a damaged path destroying 800 homes, businesses, and cost more than $100 million in damages. we have some incredible video from that tragic date ten years ago. that was quite a powerful storm. >> that was a big one. an f4. up to f5 and f4, higher end
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there. >> active season already this year? >> in the middle part of the country, certain states are above average. certain are below. it's sort of transforming areas of where it's moving around but we've had some deadly tornadoes, really big ones that struck overnight and that's why it should, but it's not as high as last year. i'm hesitant to say it's not bad because anytime you get a tornado, it's bad, but last year, it was so record in number. we're not quite at the records and the thing is, we're at the one year anniversary like in it's tuscaloosa and alabama. we're getting rain out there. that is good news. we need the rain. might not be the best timing for a lot of us, but still over four inches for the year and the year is very young. we'll take you on a tour. the blue areas will show you in the city, the system of light rain. at the moment though, off to the west in the darker greens
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starting to move in, that's the rain picking up a little bit here. now west of that you can see more and move down to the southeast and take you to the eastern shore where we have spotty areas of rain and drizzle and it will continue on and off through the night. we have the clouds come in this morning and then some rain and drizzle that's on and off throughout the afternoon and evening. we'll continue through the overnight but with the winds, we'll see some fogs forming. temperaturewise, 40s in baltimore. still hanging on in d.c. though. take a look at this. only 55 for our high. that's 14 degrees below average. we've taken a huge hit in temperatures compared to the averages. however, as soon as we get through this, one more storm and a big-time warm-up coming our way. we're dealing with this right now and then we start to warm it up. then another will move our way in the form of a warm front. that will come in with an
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increase of clouds during monday and then showers tuesday and then it will lift off to the northwest. when it does, very warm air coming. it's been breaking records in the southwest and not quite that warm when it gets here, but our numbers going back in the 80s. you can see it down to the south even at this hour. the water, light winds at this hour. tomorrow, with the fronts moving through. tonight, rain drizzle out there going down to 42 degrees. pretty much at that low and then tomorrow, sunshine returns, back up to 69. we'll see clouds coming in the day monday and then showers tuesday and then here come the 80s for the second half of the weekend. the chance of pop-up showers during this time is 83 and 82. adam? >> after this cold front, it will be nice. thank you. blue jays on a collision course to see who will win the course to see who will win the three game ,,,,,,,, thanks.
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i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of.
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all right, stan is here with our wjz sports report. some new ravens. >> yes and the orioles too and a whole lot of other things. stand by. don't go anywhere. let's talk about the mills castle with a hat trick i have sorts, more likely came in the form of a welcome trifecta. the ravens top three pick. introduced the game city. the university of alabama outside line backer courtney in the second hour. iowa state old lineman kolili and bernard pierce out of temple. >> coming off the championship of my own, i'm ready. i love winning games and that's what they do here. to be a part of this defense and to be on the watch for the guys like that. >> also ready to strap on the
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pads, guys selected in today's choosings by the ravens. out of delaware, a safety out of south carolina state, christian thompson and out of cali and then tommy from the university of miami. baseball now on frank robinson notes. orioles pitcher got to see how you really throw a ball as a hall of famer. here's ken. allowed one run with the desoto home. two over seven. ten outs, 2-0. got the base loaded. the birds scored 5-1 in the sixth and then hit cruise control. chris davis has three hits, two rbis tonight. starting out the day helping out the little leaguers around town and then smacked a solo homer all the way to utah street. 25th oriole to do so and with a diving, robert andino, orioles
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win game two. birds now 13-8 and in first place tied in the american league games. so who wins the three-game series now tied in one of these? find out tomorrow when we bring you o's/a's tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. on wjz. collegiate men's lacrosse. john hopkins. loyola valiantly fought back. watch rob geeda for hopkins. the first of the season in the 9 in overtime. loyola dropped 3-12 and 1. cats losing 1-0 in this eastern conference semifinal. that's the second period, but watch what happens as the score gets tied up there. in the end, the rangers win in the third quarter.
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3-1, rangers over the caps. opening weekend. nba most valuable player, scored 43 and then the grin. late in the game, the awkwardly suffering the injury with the left lag. okay, y'all ready for this? eric groves out for the season. for the interior ligament, the acl in his left knee. 91, but no more derek rose. >> big news. than,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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halftime goes terribly wrong for a tight rope.
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this man loses his balance right there. ouch. after landing, it happened during a halftime in the thunder/nuggets game on wednesday night. luckily, it wasn't that far of a fall. the guy is going to be okay. kind of close landing to his legs there. ouch. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families...
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